Audit department

Our company is one of the first audit companies in the region of Plovdiv. Most of the employees have been working for the company from the very beginning of its activity. Successively, some young and experienced specialists who have great knowledge in the area of audit, accountancy, taxes and management have been employed, too. Working with clients from different economic areas requires great knowledge of their activity, specificity and problems that need to be solved which guarantees acquisition of professional experience.

Accountancy department

5 young specialists who have the required educational and professional qualification work in our Accountancy department. By the knowledge and proper application of the accountancy and tax legislation they help our clients to implement their business objectives.

Labor and wages department

There are 2 specialists who work in our department for processing information of wages and insurances. Their task is not only to process the information for the employees accurately, but also to provide confidentiality and professional ethic for keeping the personal details of our employees and clients.

Tax department

Our consultants who work in the department are professionals with a lot of experience, specialized in forecasting and solving tax problems as to our tax legislation.